Waco, United States

Waco is situated in central Texas, U.S. In history the area of Waco was occupied by the Wichita Indian tribe. The winters here are cold as ice so the best time to visit Waco is during summers.


Waco Mammoth National Monument: This is a good place to visit for any age group. If you are in this area, you must see this monument. There is an excellent tour guide who will let you know about the history behind the monument. It will be a great learning session.

Cameron Park Zoo: It's a beautiful natural setting in Cameron Park. Great way to spend some quality time with the family in this zoo. The zoo has lots of shade, so you can visit it in summers without getting too hot. 

Skate Country: You can come with your little ones here. Kids will enjoy playing here.

Dr Pepper Museum: Enjoy the museum and the soda fountain at night. It has a unique layout of displays. Good family time for casual walk through the museum.

Fort House Museum: The museum looks beautiful at Christmas. Interesting and very informative.


Cafe Homestead: This place is cool, straight way from heaven. It serves fresh unique food. Humbling experience and is well worth seeking out.

Rudy's: Great hospitality. Food is excellent and the service is outstanding.

Brazos Bar & Bistro: This comes on the top list of restaurants/bars. They serve you their best items, cooks well and tasty food.

Schmaltz's Sandwich Shop: Staff is friendly and humble attitude.  You would enjoy the blue plate special with the Schmaltz sandwich. Sandwiches are yummy.

The Egg & I Restaurant: The Egg & I is a nice place for a casual breakfast, brunch or lunch. Non-Veggies can have a great menu here.