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We have just returned home from an epic trip to Texas and can't wait to share our experience at the famous Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas. We made our first trip to WACO Texas in April 2017 with our friends and family and enjoyed it very much. If you come back in June and bring your kids, you'll love Waco as much as we do, if not more.

Anyone who ever comes to Waco won't see the Dr. Pepper Museum and the mammoth site as much as we do. You can learn more about Dr. Pepper by adding it to your list of things you have to do with your kids at WACO.

We have done other family-friendly activities in Waco and look forward to sharing more of what we are going to do there. Let us know in the comments below or leave a comment below if you have any recommendations for activities at WACO with your children. Get your Magnolia Market fix and add some of these things to your list of things you can do in Waco If you see us there! Let me know, do you know of any other places you would like to let us go, or any other places we have on our list for more "things to do" in Waco?

Check out our parent-child date ideas so you can have a special evening with your children, and check out our parent-child date ideas on our website to spend some special evenings for children that you can have with you!

If Baylor University in Waco, Texas is on your list, consider visiting the campus. If you want to take your kids to watch Baylor games, it's the best place on campus to watch Baylor games. You can also experience some of the Wacos Theses during their performances at the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A & M University in Dallas, and you can even see a live performance by the Houston Symphony Orchestra at Baylor Memorial Stadium. The Waco River Safari also provides a great opportunity to see the WACOS River from the fixer - up.

One of the most fascinating places to learn about the history of Waco is the WACO Mammoth National Monument. It is an active site, so you never know exactly what you will see, but for history buffs the museum has a library specializing in archaeology, anthropology, geology and anthropology, as well as a museum of art and history.

There are several parks in the Waco area, some of which are near Lake WACO, but there is William Cameron Park along the Brazos River. Cameron's Park in W, Kent has hiking trails, a picnic area and water park, as well as picnic tables and picnic areas.

If you're not driving all the way through Oklahoma and New Mexico, Amarillo is a fun Texas getaway on its own. re in the big city, it is an easy two-hour drive from this place, and Waco is just a few miles south of the Texas-Mexico border.

I fully understand that one of the things that Waco will be incorporating into your travel plans is probably the magnolia market and the magnolia table. This little trailer with the white tent is the perfect place to go to WACO and visit the magnolia market.

The family-owned RV park in Waco is located just two miles from the highway and offers easy access to other destinations in Texas. The RV parks are located right in the heart of WACO and offer quick access to the city, while still enjoying the beauty of rural Texas, such as the magnolia market.

If you're driving from Dallas to Waco, you can stop at the WACO RV park for a quick lunch or dinner. If you are downtown on any Saturday, visit the McLennan County Courthouse for lunch and a tour of the courthouse.

If you're in Waco on a Saturday, one of the best places to shop and eat is the WACO Downtown Farmers Market. At lunchtime, Magnolia Silo and Guess Family BBQ are two of my favorite restaurants in town, as well as a few other local restaurants.

Common Grounds has dozens of creative drinks, including coffee and sodas, created in homage to the Waco area. The most famous places include Robert Lee's Coffee House, Fall River Brewing Company and Common Grounds. Texas mammoth Dr. Pepper has a soda fountain where they mix fresh with local ingredients such as fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as local spices and herbs.

If you want to get a sense of where the locals live in Waco, you can also take a "Waco Tour" with the WACO Tour. You will find that all the above locations are located in the same area, just a few blocks apart, but they are all within walking distance of each other and a short drive from the city center. If you have never been to Wico, I recommend you start with a cruise on Austin Avenue.

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More About Waco