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The Oklahoma Sooners travel to Waco, Texas, to face the Baylor Bears (4-1, 1-0 Big 12) in a Big 12 matchup. Oklahoma has a big task ahead when it heads south to Euless to face Baylor No.

With a maximum seating capacity of twenty thousand, it didn't take long for the Baylor Football Program to outgrow the facility. At the time of the first game, the stadium was packed with 49,000 people and hailed as Fittin's "home of the Baylor Bears."

The Sooners forced a Bears turnover to take advantage of a fastbreak opportunity and cut the Bears' lead to five before taking a 17-point lead into halftime. With 90 seconds left, Baylor's lead was cut to two goals with eight goals. 3-pointer on back-to-back possessions. But in the second half, the Sooners cut it to four and then again to five to increase their lead to five.

Texas currently leads the series 74-26, but that changed when Robert Griffin III and the Bears defeated the Texas Longhorns in 2010. The Texas-Baylor game looked like an easy win for Texas when the Longhorns took control of the game and went into halftime 24-7. Texas led by 20 points in the second half before Baylor University won a remarkable 45-0 against Southern Methodist University. We watched Baylor's first win over the Baylor Bears in more than a decade and a half on Saturday, November 4, 2014.

The Bears are a member of the NCAA FBS and all Big 12 Conference home games are played at McLane Stadium in Waco. In the eight games this season, three different Oklahoma Sooners have scored at least 29 points in a game and scored 29 or more in four of their last five games. Baylor (92-9) joins the Sooners as the only one of the 12 big teams to average more than 80 points per game in each of their last four games and 32 points in their last four.

Another fascinating fact about the stadium is that it was built as a technical spectacle to leave a legacy to Baylor University....

Texas Christian University, known as AddRan Male and Female College from 1902 to 1902, was based in Waco from 1895 to 1910 and was one of Baylor's biggest football rivals until the Southwest Conference was dissolved in 1995. Baylor joined the Big 12 Conference in 1996, and the 1901 team was coached by W.J. Ritchie, who led it to a 5-3 record. The Bears were held on October 4, 1901, and a few days later the first game between the two teams that year, a 7-0 victory for Baylor, followed.

The Baylor Football Program is housed at Floyd Casey Stadium, and although it was built primarily for the football team, it also houses other events for Baylor and the Waco community. The Bears played their first game in the still-unfinished stadium on October 4, 1901 against the University of Houston. Baylor plays its home games at Toby Business College in WACO, home of the Texas Christian University Longhorns.

Baylor's entire 1974 football season was described by many sports journalists at the time as a "miracle on the Brazos." Baylor President W.R. White has teamed up with the WACO community to get the job done and strike a deal to offer the Bears a new home in exchange for a $1.5 million loan from the University of Texas.

Briles needed a couple of seasons, but he eventually made the Bears one of the most feared offenses in college football history. Again, it was stressed that this had nothing to do with the coach of the Baylor Bears himself. The BU coach persuaded backup Abram Smith to join Baylor, not Tulsa, and receiver R.J. Sneed to switch from Ole Miss to Baylor.

But knowing that a Bears victory could bring joy to the guy who rules in Waco and supports all of those things means I will do everything I can for Baylor to lose every game they play in my life. When someone loses to someone, no matter how the game goes, it's a good idea to remind everyone that the Baylor Bears are an extremely good basketball team. Their average margin of victory is more than 30 points, and they are the real deal, even if their average winning total is less than 20 points.

Their defense at the highest level will be a major obstacle for the Sooners, but no team has been able to overcome them so far. Since the Baylor Bears have been dominant in every game this year, they should not underestimate the Oklahoma Sooners. The Sooners have now lost six games in a row, the first time since 2009 when they won 30 consecutive games against Baylor since 1979. That stretch was the longest winning streak in school history and one of the best in college basketball history.

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