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Every Wednesday in Waco we share some of our favorite shops and restaurants in downtown WACO, Texas. This is Joanna Gaines' original Waco shop window front, which opened in 2003 and is affectionately referred to as the Bosque's little shop. Located on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue in the heart of downtown, Spice Village is a destination in itself. There are 618 booths with private sellers who deal with a wide range of products, from clothing and accessories to food, clothing, jewelry, home accessories and more. Built in 1908, Wacos Hardware is located near downtown and has since been integrated into the destination itself, with its own restaurant, cafe, grocery store and even bar.

The Spice Village has two stalls selling Waco T-shirts, including Bear Cotton and Congress Clothing. This pastry shop is located in an old house that has been converted by a few shows, and the house is just a short walk from the Magnolia. Plum Boutique often has a pop-up shop in silos during silos and opens a café in the spring. There are a number of great photos of the early 20th century old town of WACO, but this will capture the fact that it is still a small town today.

If you're looking for a great boutique shopping experience in Waco, I recommend you check out the Spice Village Findery. This shopping area is a little further from Austin, but there are a number of great boutiques and a wide selection of vintage clothing and accessories.

If you prefer to drink while shopping, visit the recently opened Balcones Distilling Co., which produces whiskey and has been awarded the Texas Whisky Award. Waco is not only a different beverage style, but also home to one of the world's largest distilleries of award-winning bourbon. Gaines has a number of great restaurants, the most famous of which is Magnolia Market and Silos (at least on Instagram).

The historic district does not have any chain stores, but the center has more than 20 different shops in various locations, including the Waco Center for the Arts, the Texas Museum of Natural History and many more. Check out the list of stores below for an idea of how much WACO has to offer. The majority of the shops on this list and many others are located in the historic downtown of the city and the surrounding neighborhoods.

No trip to Waco is complete without a visit to Magnolia Market, where you can buy the queen of decor picks. Gainses is known for its beautiful and unique farmhouse decoration as well as a wide selection of home accessories. Check out all the goods in the store, such as vintage furniture, vintage clothing and even some branded clothing and accessories.

Drive to farm land in Findery to shop and then enjoy the Food Truck Court. Shop Chip and Joanna's and head back to Magnolia Market for a quick lunch or dinner before heading to the Finderie to buy some farmhouses from around the country.

There is also a mammoth exhibition in Mayborn, which is tied to children. If your children complete the 2 + see - 2, they get free admission to May born. You can also watch some Waco Thespians playing and learn about the WACO Mammoths National Monument. This hip, two-sided Brazos River hotspot in the cultural district of Waco Downtown has many more experiences to offer.

Waco has a thriving art scene, a variety of ways to enjoy nature, and many places that cities could be proud of. This area offers a colorful mix of shops, restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in the city center, offering shoppers a place to have fun and enjoy everything that WACO has to offer. Essential places to explore when visiting Wacaco, from restaurants and bars to shopping and entertainment.

If you're in Waco on a Saturday, one of the best places to shop and eat is the WACO Downtown Farmers Market. If you're in the city center on any Saturday, you can visit the McLennan County Courthouse to see the historic building.

The Central Texas Marketplace offers shoppers a variety of small specialty stores throughout the area, as well as a wide selection of food and beverages.

Here you will find a wide selection of clothing and accessories as well as jewelry and other items for sale. The gift shop at the Waco Museum sells books, jewelry and clothing from a wide range.

This precious shop in a beautiful old building has a similar flair and style to Joanna's S. S., London. The Waco location is Baylor Grade and is within walking distance of the Baylor University and University of Texas Austin campuses.

If you really want to visit a design store in Waco, you have to visit this place, and it is open all the time in Waco. Show & Tell Antiques is set in a cool looking Victorian house and you'll probably recognise some of the former family homes that were renovated for the show. This is one of my favorite antique shops in the city and a place I have visited many times in recent years.

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