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I just got home from an epic trip to Texas and can't wait to share my experience at the famous Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas. This post will tell you how I came to the most famous market in the state of Texas: the magnolia market.

I just returned from Waco, Texas, and if you're a Fixer Upper fan, you know this little store called Magnolia Market.

re in the big city, it is an easy two-hour drive from this place, and I-35 is the easiest detour if you are coming from one of the larger Texas cities. Waco is located just a few hours north of San Antonio, Texas, on the border between Texas and Oklahoma. Silos is a small town about an hour and a half south of the city center, about three - and - one - half an hour drive from the city.

If you live in Waco and have more than a day to visit silos, it's worth a visit. There's a lot more to enjoy in WACO than the whole family, but Magnolia Market and Silo's could be your ultimate destination. If you don't go to Waconia or visit Baylor students, you can always go down to the magnolia table or magnolia market to pay a visit.

Baylor University's Mayborn Museum is devoted to natural and cultural history, but it's more than that. If you have a list of other things to do in Waco, please leave a comment and make it on our list if you want to make your own trip to WACO! Visit the Waco Heart of Texas to learn more about all the things you can do and see in and around the WACA, as well as the history of Baylor University and the University of Houston.

If you want to get a sense of where the locals live in Waco, you can take a "Waco tour" by bus. Take an official WACO tour and stop at the WACA bus stop as you drive through the Waca and the Dallas area. There are many cool places to go in and out of Wasca by bus, and we can even see the house that was in the show!

We visited Magnolia Market in Waco, but first of all we really believe you have two full days where you can do anything you want, and then stay a few days if you want to discover more of WACO. We are in Wasca for 2 nights first, so make sure you shop and explore before you leave town. During your visit you will have time and many other things to do in and around Waca. While several days can easily be filled with such things, magnolia is also a lot of fun, especially in the summer months.

We never planned to go to Magnolia Market in Waco, but we made sure we got there, and we know there are other family-friendly activities in and around WACO, so make sure you get out there and get the Magnolia Market fixed. TX, we hope this virtual trip was enjoyable for you and hope this post will help you plan your next trip to Waca, Texas or any other part of the state of Texas. We were excited to share some of our favorite places to shop, restaurants, bars, shops and all the other things we did in, around and outside Wasca Texas before and after the concert.

One of the biggest tips we would like to give you is that if you plan to visit Waco for silos or magnolia board, we suggest a visit during the week, and not after the concert.

If you're in Waco on a Saturday, one of the best places to shop and eat is the WACO Downtown Farmers Market. Those from Dallas or Houston can start early to take advantage of Friday in Waco. If you're in downtown on any Saturday, visit the McLennan County Courthouse.

If you're a fan of the show, a stop at Magnolia Market should be an integral part of your trip to Waco. I feel that the magnolia market and the magnolia table are probably what will put you off the WACO. I don't think it's worth going to Lubbock, Texas, just to shop at Magnolias Market, so I am I just add my two cents. If you're not thinking of traveling to the Magnusolia markets in Waco Texas, you may seem a little confused about how to get there, but if you're in Little Rock and don't know them, take a look at this article from the Texas Travel Guide (read it too). What it is worth is that there is no magnolia market in the United States in Waco's Texas.

Where to stay, shop, eat and shop is something you can learn by visiting Magnolia Farms in Waco, Texas. I am considering taking the classic WACO tour from Wacos Tours when I first visited Waconia, Texas, a few weeks ago.

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